1/6/2024...Tumultuous Year Ahead?

My response to the burning philosophical question of the day..."What is a Woman?' Last painting of 2023, still some fussing to do here in New Year, but basically, come along way, is done. I will be testing this as a glass print before too long, and perhaps offering prints later in year. Life-via-screen is the theme. This is the first oil painting to become part of my "W A T ? Collection, an earlier series of sketches, oil crayons on paper, numbering about 130 so far. I may take up this theme again here in the New Year, given weird and tumultuous times we have fallen into. Hope you like it

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Here early in 2024, let's strive to bring our best to every day life, to be kind to others, to remember we are all Americans concerned about our world and our Country. Peace to you all. 

George Delany, Artist

What is a Woman?