11/14 Thanksgiving in Air

Here is to our Veterans...and to those currently serving around the world. In this tinderbox, what can we possibly say to adequately honor our soldiers? See my "Battle Hymn of the Republic" poster print. 

Still, chilly, clear fall days here in Southern New England are the norm, now. Bird feeders are in, snow shovels are out. Lawnmowers are gas-less, season over. Cars are winterized. Storm windows and doors, in place. Daylight savings time is gone, darkness has arrived. I have trouble adjusting, I confess. This holiday season, why not consider one of my original Beach Poster Prints? These make superb gifts. Do check out my Exhibit page. Find me here, or on Linktr.ee.

May you find the Peace of the Almighty overriding all of our daily anxieties, this Thanksgiving season,

George Delany, Artist

Battle Hymn of the Republic