12/19...Christmas Story Upon Us

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I recall our visit to Bethlehem some years ago. We entered the Church of the Nativity where Christ was born, then a catacomb underneath the church marked by ancient graffiti carved into the stone along the path. It was dark, there was very little available light. We were bunched together as we slowly walked through the catacomb. All at once I detected singing, a small group of Germans also touring the church had begun to sing, "Lo How A Rose Ere Blooming,' in four part harmony. More and more of us joined in the singing of this most beautiful hymn in the dark there in the presence of the site where Jesus was born. The effect of all of us singing together at this moment was uncanny, simply wonderful in the extreme. I can't easily describe this circumstance except to say that I remember it well as one of life's most exquisite, surprising, moving moments in life--so far. 

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Amidst strife, turmoil, economic challenges, wars and threats of wars, may we hold fast (often in face of long odds) to the story that undergirds all of our civilization, that remains the light of the world, the hope of humankind found in the spirit of God and in his son, Jesus Christ.  

See you in the New Year,

George Delany, Artist

Photo, near pyramids, artist seeking peace in mid-east.