March 21, Spring Brings Perilous Times

Here is a look at the print, up close. Simple, elegant typography characterizes the general nature of this image. This is one of a series and can be found in my Americana Gallery, while other such sentiments are in my Faith Print gallery. Using your cell phone, your Safari browser and the special Augmented Reality feature on this website you can "visualize" this image on any wall in your house. You can also see the Wall Preview feature to get a sense of how this image may appear on any number of typical walls, such as living room, bedroom, sitting room, and others. 

There is still time. If you order now, in this window of time, you may well receive your print in time for Easter, this season. Or, if you choose to give this print as an unusual gift to a favorite someone or to celebrate Easter...or some other occasion, you may have it...just in time. 

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Easter Gift Print