5/20 "No Mow May"

Now today, we take a deep breath-- having seen our property torn up over eight months to accommodate relatively new laws that require serious upgrades to septic systems of homeowners in this State, we have accommodated. We now have a new septic system, all "Title V Compliant," am happy to report. The final step, planting grass seed all over the area, we've just completed under hot sun this past week. So today, the rain is welcome. We expect one to two inches by this time tomorrow. With luck, the new seed will not wash away....but will anchor in the new soil and new grass will show up before too long. This is the hope. 

Below I offer one of my Honey-bee prints, each one taken of bees in in my hives over recent summers. Today is International Honey Bee Day, so my prints are offered in this spirit. Please check them out. I try to capture the frenetic, productive, miraculous and exquisite qualities that these most remarkable creatures manifest. There is simply no way to really capture the beauty of Honey Bees, but this is my modest effort. "Honey-bees #9"

As beach season beckons, why not consider one of my original Beach Poster Prints? Do check out my Exhibit page. Find me here, or on Linktr.ee. Hoping the spirit of Spring is with you, Thanks for the follow. 

George Delany, Artist

Honey bee prints