Dec. 5, Advent Season Upon Us

Here is an example of this print as displayed on a wall. Understand, in this system you are observing, it is possible to use your iPhone to "imagine" this very image on a wall of your own. I urge you to experiment with your phone and Safari browser in an effort to utilize this nifty Augmented Reality feature. You can also see this image in my George Delany Art Exhibit. Similar holiday prints can be seen in my Faith Prints Gallery. Some of these images are purely typographic employing color to convey an essential message. Others originate from the same stained-glass window series as that being featured here. In either case, I expect you may find an image that will make your gift-giving experience a little different, this year. No gadgets! But...prints of the faith. 

In only a couple of days you have sent me on social media almost seven hundred responses to the promotion of a couple of images from this gallery. Thank you all for your notices, affirmations and exclamations. As of this writing, there is still time to receive a print finished and ready to Christmas. 

Honey-Bee prints? Have you thought about purchasing a print about bees, a honey-bee print? Check out my originals. See more of these posted Honey Bee series in my Photo Gallery, and do check out my new Exhibit page. Find me here, or on

After a tumultuous year (with the promise of another one just ahead of us) here on an early Advent Monday, I wish you all a safe, healthy, joyful afternoon. 


Avent Prints