April 11, Holy Week Arrives

The typographic style seen here is one I have developed in recent years. Just typography and color, no 'pictures,' no 'explanatory text.' The verse simply stands on its own and can be interpreted by anyone in any way s/he chooses. The print you can customize as you order, during the process, right from this site. Pick a material, pick a size, pick a matte, a color, a frame, pick your hanging hardware...your selected print will arrive in "presto" condition, ready to hang. 

Below is yet another verse for Holy Week. "John 3:16" makes a splendid choice at exactly this time of year. This image is expressed in a vastly different manner, but again, just typography as a design element, the design element. See how you like it. This is a very expressive image on the wall, as you can see  below and is also available in a reverse color scheme, primarily purple; secondarily gold. Contact me if interested. 

Do check out my new Honey Bee series of photo prints in my Photo Gallery. I will be producing my first-ever honey-bee print on Aluminum in the next couple of weeks, very exciting! Find me here, or on Linktr.ee. Thank you as always, for your interest and support. In this time of anxiety, tumult, fear of war and rumors of war, I extend a peaceful, hopeful wish to you and yours. 

George Delany, Holy Week, 2022

John 3:16 art print