Strange Testy Times Continue

Looking back on this week, have been able to make some major upgrades to my store, especially in the area of Work With Me, and then, Policies. Both are now more substantial and workable. Have also added a major new section called ORIGINALS, in which I am selling original paintings. There will be more selections to choose from in coming weeks, but you get the idea, here.

Similarly, from the originals i am making available a series of Limited Edition Prints to number no more than 100 of each. When they are gone, they are gone. That will be it. Note that in this process, I am responsible for producing the print and getting it shipped to the buyer-- this I welcome, since I, too, use archival paper, pigments and paper. Here is an image that was posted to Facebook's George Delany Art page, this week. Some are also posted to Instagram, so you will see them, here. More to come. 

Horseneck Beach by George Delany