April 4, Easter Week...

Below, a detail of the same image, "My Cosmos Dancer Friend #1," one in which somehow the texture of the board comes through the paint and adds to the sense of an infinite cosmos, one on my mind, these days as our little planet heads ever closer to the sun and the warm days of Spring and Summer, just ahead. I like the mysterious quality of the image, hard to pin down, but something on high is always going on, isn't it? Even if we can't possibly understand what it may be. 

April has arrived. Grasses around here are decidedly greener than even a week ago. As the spring season unfolds, why not consider one of my original Honey-Bee prints? Queens are busy this time of year! Check out my originals, here. See more of these posted Honey Bee series in my Photo Gallery, and do check out my Exhibit page. Find me here, or on Linktr.ee

I think back on my trip to Israel some years ago. How moving it was to retrace some of the steps of Jesus.How mysterious it was to find ourselves in the very room in which Jesus spent his last night. How beyond my understanding was it to walk thru the Garden of Gethsemane in solitude. How utterly uplifting it was to find myself in the catacombs of the structure in which Jesus was born...suddenly singing a cappella in four part harmony, "Low How A Rose Ere Blooming," among my favorite hymns. And when we got to Golgotha, how disturbing it was to be approached by a monk offering to sell me a prayer candle for a dollar. It is all still with me. 

In this rowdy, violent, ominous, debilitating time, may you experience the Peace of Christ, the joy of Easter, the celebration of New Life in the Resurrection of Jesus

George Delany, Artist

Easter Prints