Feb. 27, Where's the Snow?

Yes, here is another use of the same image, different setting. Note, these images are adaptable. The color palette in this photo is mostly white, light gray with smatterings of dark brown and tan tones across the middle of the image. I snapped this photo in Dorset, Vermont one morning when we found ourselves out on a sap run, hence the name. It was a great morning followed by an even greater afternoon and evening when we returned home, set up a roaring outdoor fire, and boiled the sap down to some delicious Maple Syrup, distributing the volume in a variety of bottles so that each of us could take some home. 

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Seed catalogs continue to arrive. Bulbs are up. On warmer days, I spy honey-bees on this property. Mother Nature is a wonder, isn't she? Spring is on the way. The earth will be waking, soon. Be well

George Delany, Artist

Winter Sap Run Photo Gift