Feb. 6, 2023 Approaching Mid-winter

I spend a period of time each day stacking hard-wood on our porch. This process began back in October, and is just about finished up. This is good daily exercise, I bend over and stand up dozens of time per day. The woodpile is taking final form. We use a wheelbarrow to move cord wood from the pile into the house to the woodstock, almost daily. Wood consumption averages one-two logs per hour depending on how big and how dry. It is a valuable ritual, this wood thing. I revere it. Wood heat is the best, in my view. As mid-winter approaches, the beauty of a solid wood pile and daily wood heat are two of winter's most meaningful and impactful realities. I hope you like this image, "Snowy Spruce Tree," taken with my simple iPhone. Other winter scenes can be seen in my Photo Gallery

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May the spirit of a sane, healthy and dare-I-say snowy New Year be upon you, 

George Delany, Artist

Snowy Spruce Tree