Jan. 10, 2022 Cold Air Moving In...

Here is the same image in another setting, not a children's room, but perhaps a living room, or sitting room. Note the variables! The image is the same as you see above, the size is the same as you see above. Christmas Cookie Art. But the frame and wall color are different, as is the very setting, itself. Please note, then, customizing your print selection is easy on my website. You can all but assure yourself your print will look just right when it arrives. Ready to hang. Then, you may wish to give this print to a friend or family member. Art print as gifts seems an idea whose time has come, hasn't it? I know I take a special satisfaction in giving a print to a friend, or family. I sign it on the front or back-- this adds to my own satisfaction in the exercise. 

As this shaky, now cold New Year 2022 gets underway, I hope you will consider an art print from time-to-time. Visit again! Thank you for your interest

Christmas Cookies Art Print