Jan. 19, 2023 Our Two Week Blog Cycle

Below, see another image from this same series, "Working Stiff 3." The original work sold at a gallery exhibit, some years ago. I am glad to offer prints, here. In this image, the subject is possessed enough by the computer screen and her involvement with it that she has chosen to sit down 'to get to work' even before getting dressed. Or, perhaps she is up at night, or early in the morning at a time when getting dressed just doesn't matter nearly so much as checking that email and keeping up with her social media accounts. I mean, after all, first things first! 

Early in this year 2023, why not consider one of my original Honey-Bee prints? Check out my originals, here. See more of these posted Honey Bee series in my Photo Gallery, and do check out my new Exhibit page. Find me here, or on Linktr.ee

As we brace for a storm here in mid-January, may the spirit of a sane and healthy New Year be with you, 

George Delany, Artist