Jan. 31, 2022 Post Blizzard Art Print Update

The image hangs below in a living-room environment, all else being equal, the same image, matte, frame-- just a change in wall color and context. Note, I have tried to preserve some of the image of the wooden shingle on which this image has been painted, just for its natural and raw effect. The entire series is completed in this style, though some have a splashier white undercoat more visible than is seen here. Makes a great gift art print, and what with Valentine's Day approaching, perhaps someone in your life would appreciate such lighthouse art, a print as a gift? You may find my new NFT art of interest, seen here on Rarible. Videos can be seen now on YouTube. Find a mixed bag on Soundcloud. Lastly, hear art blogs on Anchor.

Thank you for your support, encouragement and patronage. Your Permquid print will arrive shortly, ready to hang. 

Lighthouse art print