Jan. 4, 2022 Happy New Year!

This poster below "Amazing Grace," is one of seven in the original "Who We Are" Series I created in response to the attacks on our Country, 9.11.01. The flag depicted here hung outside my house at the time. Each poster features a verse prominent in American history. My purpose in designing this series of graphic images was simply to help us remember where we come from, who we are, and where we may want to go...together, as Americans.

In my lifetime, I can't imagine a more compelling context than to be advocating for this theme...than right now. As the year ahead unfolds, we will, all together, be thinking about these topics as the lead up to the mid-term elections presents us with challenging statements, rhetoric, arguments and baloney. Might we ask often for the Grace of the Almighty to guide us through these challenging, daunting times

Amazing Grace Poster