Jan. 4, Happy New Year

Delivered! Here is the first work delivered to dear friend at the outset of 2023. A woman lounges on the beach at Westport, MA. Horseneck Beach, to be exact. This is among my Westport Consciousness Series. It reflects our visits to Westport and its magnificent beaches over many years. I am tickled to see this painting about to be hung on a friend's wall. Completed in acrylic paint on canvas board, it is among my favorites, of late. Prints of this painting will be added to my site so that they might be purchased, this year. Look for them! You can see other such images in this series on my site. 

In this year 2023, why not onsider Honey-Bee prints? Check out my originals, here. See more of these posted Honey Bee series in my Photo Gallery, and do check out my new Exhibit page. Find me here, or on Linktr.ee

Happy New Year 2023,

George Delany, Artist

Westport Beach Consciousness