June 15, Bulbs, Blossoms and Bees....

Speaking of bulbs, blossoms and bees, here is one of my favorite images this time of year. Rhododendron are in full bloom, flag is in full glory, garden is in full potential, all subjects of my interest and tender-loving-care, honestly. Have you celebrated Flag Day, this year? Not to late to pick up a print...you'll have your spanky new print in time for July 4, coming up, shortly

You are invited to see my newly posted Honey Bee series in my Photo Gallery, and do check out my new, Exhibitpage. Find me here, or on Linktr.ee.

To the glory of this growing season, thank you as always, for your interest and support. I have appreciated your orders in recent weeks. 

George Delany, 2022

Flag Day 2022