June 27 July 4 Celebration Around Corner

Above you see the Star-Spangled Banner print in a sitting room setting. Below you see the same print in a living room setting. Note, on my website, you can use two advanced features to help imagine how this or any other print might appear in any number of general settings, and/or on YOUR particular wall (uses a special Augmented Reality feature that includes your smart phone and Safari browser). Then, when ordering, you can customize your print by materials and techniques; paper, canvas, acrylic, aluminum, size, matte, frame and installation technique. Your print will arrive ready to hang and will conform to specs and features you, yourself have determined-- this is a fine feature I hope you may be moved to explore and take advantage of. Here is the second most-popular print in this series....both of which have gone thru at least two printings, to date, before being superseded my digital imagery; God Bless America

Star Spangled Banner print