June 30, Gearing Up...July 4 Weekend

Below, is "America," from the same "Who We Are," Collection of the same period. For personal reasons, this is among my favorites. My grandfather, at the close of WWII, was asked by the UN to write a verse to this famous American hymn. And so he did, a verse you see included in this poster (white text):

"Father of every race, 

Giver of every grace, Hear us we pray;

Let every land be free,

May all souls kindred be,

All nations honor Thee,

Now and for aye." 

For single orders, expect your print to arrive USPS in a sturdy tube. For larger orders, or branded orders (your logo added, lower right hand corner), expect to receive your posters flat-shipped, also USPS. 

With thanks for summer songs of all the small, lovely birds that inhabit this property--who sing from sun-up to sun-down each day. Thank you as always, for your interest and support. I continue to appreciate your orders in recent weeks. 

George Delany, late June, 2022

America Poster