March 14, World Holds Breath

In considering a graphic print of a biblical verse, you have some desirable options on my site. Imagine this image, John 3:16 on canvas. Imagine this image wrapped in acrylic. Imagine this image printed on Aluminum. Imagine this image as a Fracture, a glass print. Imagine this image on a beautiful paper stock in a white matte and a polished silver frame, as seen here. These are all possibilities when placing an order for this image on my site. Then you can add hardware on the back of the print so that when it arrives you will be able to hang it, immediately. All prints use the best in pigment and paper, the quality is excellent. If you are not happy, I will return your money, in full. Just don't hang this print in the sun. Preserve its life by hanging it on a wall in subdued or indirect light. See more images like this, here

If you order now, in this window of time, you may well receive your print in time for Easter this season. Or, if you choose to give this print as an unusual gift to a favorite someone or to celebrate a Easter or some other occasion, you may have it in time. 

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John 3:16