May 16, Becoming Seriously Beautiful Out There...!

Memorial Day coming up at the end of the month offers an opportunity to give a fine, Spring print to a friend of loved one on this special, National occasion. In this time when our Country faces such serious challenges and problems, tensions and divisions, isn't it a good time to promote the underlying idea that we are all Americans. We all share many of the same underlying desires, motivations, hopes and dreams. We all can contribute to the stewardship of American ideals such as they have been created and passed down to us from our magnificent forebears. Now is the time

You are invited to see my newly posted Honey Bee series that can be seen in my Photo Gallery. Find me here, or on

Amidst grass-cutting, gardens and planting...thank you as always, for your interest and support.

George Delany, 2022

PS: See my new promotional video on Youtube! In this season of chicks and chickens, take a look! 

Memorial Day Print