May 9, Where's the Warm Weather?

Fern Art: Here is the same image treated in the same fashion, but hanging in a different setting, the only variable. I like to test my images for adaptability, something that can be experimented with in any number of ways-- here, being but one. In this image you see the beige wall color, the neutral set contrasted against the strongly geometric image heavy on greens, dark greens and grays, the highlight of which is the little sprig center left that gives the whole image a certain vitality and kick. I was moved by this image when I stumble upon it. And unlike many such images that lose their power once photographed, in this image the power and beauty come through. Am so happy to post this Fern, haven't done it very often! See other such spring images in my Instagram Gallery

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Waiting for warm weather, this week. Thank you as always, for your interest and support.

George Delany, 2022

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Fern Photo