Nov. 16, Mid-November, HolyDay Shop Time?

Here is the same work against a different context-- a business environment. Note, the ingredients in the work, itself, are exactly the same. Only the setting is different. And yet, if I would wish to change the frame, materials, matte, or installation technique right from the ordering site, this is an easy thing to accomplish, try it out

These digital, graphic works last longest and are most effective on the wall when hung in reserved, muted light. Strongly recommend no sun light. UV rays will degrade the print...not something anyone wants to see. 

From the same gallery, here is an image taken of a window at my church. Any of these images sold will mean I can make a contribution to the Gallery Committee at the church to help advance their mission to support local artists and their art. Thanks for considering this possibility. 

Let the HolyDay Season begin! 

Proverbs Wall Art by George Delany