Nov. 24, 2020 Pre-Holiday Sale RIGHT NOW

For years, Newport has been one of our summer homes, preferentially, Second Beach, not First. But I have had some memorable moments here on First in particular comes to mind, I was alone in the surf at around 8 pm as the sun was setting and the moon rising...a wedding party was being held on the shore to the south, waves were beautiful, surfing the best, my sense of the whole experience of the moment, life on planet earth, was in the realm of the serene, beautiful in the extreme. So here is my tribute to the locality, one I adore.

"First Beach," art prints for the holiday-- a good idea to order shortly since you have to add ten days for production turn-around; COVID and shopping bottlenecks and complications.  my apologies. Check out other painting/print possibilities in this gallery! Thanks for your visit. 

first beach wall art