Nov. 8, Veterans' Day Tribute

Here is the same image in another context: Living Room Art. Note the wall color changes but all else remains the same. Feel free to change the matte, frame, and hanging techniques depending on your particular application. Do not hang in direct sunlight-- reserved light will prolong the life of your print. 

In this time when our Founding Fathers are under attack, our Founding Documents, our Statues, our Borders, Budgets, even claim to a gender-- perhaps it's time to stand up. Perhaps it's time to defend the idea of "building a more perfect union." Our Founders planned a country by considering their children and grandchildren. We have a hard time rising to such a bar. What happens when you start wishing for your grandchildren...what comes to mind

Many have died in the name of enabling you and me even an opportunity to think in these terms. We can, this week, honor those Americans among us who have put it all on the line. Don't forget acrylic and Aluminum-- two materials that you can order right here, that make outstanding displays of artwork. Thank you for your interest in and support of my work

Living Room Art, Battle Hymn of the Republic