Oct. 4, Times Ominous

Here is another art print image, upbeat in a downbeat time. "Ocean Drive #3," an art print produced from one of a series of Newport, Rhode Island studies completed in acrylic paint on small masonite boards, this one among my favorites. 

Seasons change, now. I don't like leaving summer behind, much as I find Fall a beautiful season. This year, there is a new ominous-like quality in the air, one I hope lives mostly in my head and no where else. The idea is to be joyful, live purposefully. Here are a couple of images aimed in this direction-- hope you like. 

Honey Bee Art: Have you EVER hung up a honey-bee art print? Check out my originals. See this newly posted Honey Bee series in my Photo Gallery, and do check out my new Exhibit page. Find me here, or on Linktr.ee.

Yours in the spirit of a bright and colorful Fall seasont, this year. 

George Delany

Ocean Drive #3 Art Print