Oct. 5, 2021, Too Early to "Think Holidays?"

Here is the same image, different setting. Notice how the color of the wall affects the suitability of the image, the presentation off the wall, and the power of the image. In one case, I have presented a light wall, see above. Here, you see the same image against a dark wall. See the change in the way the frame is perceived, the wood, itself. See the way the greens and accent reds and oranges are perceived, one as compared with the other. It makes a difference. There is no right or wrong. But there is...what you like and would prefer.

In my Instagram Photo Gallery you will see a variety of "fall-themed" images. Perhaps one is right for your computer room, living room, library, sitting room, or bedroom? Thank you for your interest and support of this work. It means everything, to me.

A word to the wise: With cargo ships backed up forever off the west coast of our country, and supply chain problems endemic throughout this economy, pundits and professionals are advising we "shop now...for the Holiday!" The idea is to buy your gifts early so as to avoid the crush that seems certain to come in another month or two, this year. Give this some thought. Contact me with any question you may have.

Fall Bedroom Art