Sept. 13, Summer Winds Down

I am glad to be back on the blog circuit...after a couple of weeks...summer break. So much has happened, hasn't it? Simply jaw-dropping. Here is our first after-summer-break post, simply a reminder as to what matters...most, in this opinion of this blogger. 

This poster image, "God Bless America," first created in the aftermath of the horrors of 9.11.01, has been popular over the years. It is one of series of seven I originally designed to help bring us together after the tragedy. Now, I offer them digitally, on-demand. You can select your favorite size, material, finish, matte and frame. In an upsetting period of American history (yet another one), it is not good to keep top-of-mind what is most important? For this, despite fashionable, misguided thinking to the country, we have our glorious Founding thank-- over and over again. 

American flag poster