Sept. 29, Summer Hangs On...

Here is the same image, the First Amendment in poster form, as it might appear in a small business setting. This print works in any setting in which contemporary graphic, of a political/historical nature, focuses thought on a powerful issue of the day. Do you hang such graphic prints in your abode? What is their appeal? Or, why wouldn't you hang such prints? What is the lack-of-appeal? 

Do you hang prints of an American nature on your walls? Do you hang prints pertaining to our history or politics on your walls? Do you hang such prints in personal spaces, such as a bedroom or small office, or, do you prefer a more public space like a study, sitting room, or living room? Do you give such prints as gifts to family or friends? 

If you like this kind of subject matter, you may find other's in my Americana Collection similar in their graphic and topical appeal. Many of these images were first created after the horrendous events of 9.11.01. These utilized an image of the American Flag that hung in front of this home, on that day. This First Amendment poster came along sometime after the original "Who We Are Collection" was designed and developed. Thank you for your support and enthusiasm

First Amendment Print