September 4, 2020...Still Sunflower Summer!

These Honey-bees have worked feverishly since late April when a Queen from last year's hive took off with the best of her bee community, my first swarm. I called a bee-keeper in Connecticut who came up here and took the swarm back to his bee-operation, very gratifying. In the next 17 days the remains of this hive spawned not one but FOUR more swarms. I didn't know what was going on. Even now, in September, after having found not one Queen but TWO Queens in that hive in June, I think my large hive, six boxes deep a week ago, is now Queenless. I have no explanation for this-- we will be checking this hive again, this week. Nonetheless, they have produced lots of honey this summer and have been very mild in disposition, even thru the last dry month when many bee-keepers were reporting very aggressive bee behavior. Honey-bees, please keep it calm thru the fall, now! Here is an image of a bee doing what she does best, an astonishing creature...I have learned. 

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Honey Bee Poster