Nov. 22, Thanksgiving Week 2021

From a weekend in Dorset, Vermont, here is the same image, different setting. Note, you can customize your print selection by size, material, matte, frame, and installation technique. You can also "visualize" your selection using this feature found on this very site. You can use Safari and your iPhone to imagine this very image on one of your OWN walls-- give it a try! This is called Augmented Reality, a nifty feature. 

I remain thankful this Thanksgiving week for your support and interest in my efforts. Thank you for your recent orders, what a variety they are! A Cape-Cod Beach poster, a Star-Spangled Banner Americana print on raw canvas, an image of angels from a stained glass window at Central Church, and a photograph of a lone lily printed on a metallic surface-- a first. This week, you will notice my Black Friday Sale-- a chance to order any number of prints at 20% off the standard price. You would be wise to order as to avoid the Christmas rush, and any any "supply chain issues," that may arise. This has been a challenge throughout the Pandemic-- so if possible, get your orders in promptly. 

Thank you, and have a safe, heartfelt, Thanksgiving Week...and Day. 

Thanksgiving print