Tumultuous Times, Happy July 4!

Today is a very special celebration in the life of our country-- that comes at a time of terrific internal strife and tension over what kind of country we want to become. My vote...that we continue to strive for a "more perfect union," in our stretch to reach toward "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." No other country on the face of this earth has set up a form of Government that so encourages every citizen in this land to be the best...they can be. Perfect, no. But idealistic, resolute, resilient, determined, yes. Today is our day. I am still in awe over the work our Founding Fathers were able to achieve. I'm reading about it, again, now, in a book called, "Founding Brothers," by Joseph J. Ellis. Recommended. So-- may you be safe, joyful and similarly determined as were our founders to live INTO not away from our Country's ideals. Let's remember together what this document is all about. 


Happy July 4!